Lasering Engraving Questions Answered


Due to the high demand of the custom branded Smokin Shell SS-01 we have been working hard to update our site to fulfill orders. In the meantime we are still able to laser engrave. We are that you patient with us as we adapt. We are excited about the interest in our product.

First, We will need to see your logo in preferably a .jpg format to make sure that the aspects and the logo itself will engrave correctly.

Once that is determined, and you decide to proceed, then we will invoice Paypal invoice you as follows:

29.99 per shell
20.00 engraving per shell
Shipping/Handling (varies depending on destination)

Shipping comes with tracking for all domestic (USA) orders. Typically, international orders don’t come with tracking unless you ship Express. (Please specify if you need International Express).

You also have the option to upgrade the leads to gold plated high end ones for $20 per two shells.

The turn around is usually a couple days to get them done then we ship them out.

When you pay the invoice, do to friends or family so neither of us incur any unnecessary fees.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any other questions. We look forward to getting you a pair of custom engraved Smokin Shells.


Sale Manager
Smokin Shells

Thanks to All our Djs Supporting Smokin Shells

Thanks to all the djs that have supported @smokinshells over the years. Looking forward to the new batch of djs that are into their brand and presenting a ‘polished’ finished product to their clients. #salute from the #smokinshells family. Email sales@smokinshells.com for info on personalizing your shells #dj#djgear#ranedj#aiaiai#djporn#headshells

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Dj Lord Takes his Custom Branded Smokin Shells on Tour with PE

Wishing @djlord safe travels for him and his custom branded @smokinshells on their way to europe now for the #peuktour2014. Travel safe bro and thanks for always reppin’ our shells!#sponsored#publicenemy always #1!#shure#ranedj#ortofondj


Smokin Shells Becomes A Sponsor for the 2013 DMC USA Battleground Tour

dmc_battleground_2013_flyer_c0 dmc_battleground_2013_flyer_c02


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Smokin Shells is very proud to announce the partnership with DMC USA as a sponsor, along with Rane.  Prizes will be given to the top three djs in each market.  The winner of each regional will go on to compete in the USA Finals in New York on August 3rd, 2013. This is big news for Smokin Shells and djs worldwide!

Dj Green Lantern is Spinnin’ at Face/Off Fridays Tonight in Atlanta (2/10/12)

Face/Off Fridays’ honorary member, Dj Green Lantern , with be using his Smokin Shells tonight as he celebrates Dj Rasta Root’s birthday tonight at MJQ. Get there early peoples!!


Rane introduces three new mixers to the dj world

I was never please to hear the news of Rane launching three new mixers to the world. The 61,62, and the 62z. They make very solid, American made gears that has a good feel and sound. I myself have a 57 and a chrome 57. I am looking at buying a 62. Here is some general info on them.

The Rane Sixty-Two is a plug-and-play package supporting two computers, 2-deck digital vinyl simulation, SP-6 sample player, software and hardware effects and all the record and playback channels you need.  Software controls for Library, Loops, Cues and SP-6 are laid out for fast and intuitive access. Choose the Sixty-Two and join a community of users dedicated to advancement of the art.

>> Serato


Z-Trip’s Limited Edition Sixty-Two Z Mixer is functionally identical to Rane’s Sixty-Two, with a face plate design by Shepard Fairey and custom purple cables.

If you are looking for the same bullet-proof construction, pristine audio quality and integrated 20-channel sound card but prefer to use your own MIDI controller with outboard software or hardware effects and a single computer, consider the Rane Sixty-One.



Dj Mia is down with Smokin Shells

We connected with Dj Mia a while ago at one of her Atl gigs. She keeps it fresh for us!!! follow her @djmia


Trey becomes the first dj in Australia to use Smokin Shells

Dj Trey was on tour with Dj Rasta Root when Dwele and Brian Mcknight ripped shows from Sidney to Melbourne this past June (2k11). He didn’t wait to get two pairs of Smokin Shells. As you can see from all the photos, he was extra excited to be the first dj down under rockin the SS-01. Trey will be showing off his Shells when he plays at is the – ‘Made In The 90s Tour’ .. It’s an old school concert/festival happening over here with – Ralph Tresvant, Marques Houston, 112, Allure, Horace Brown & Shai on the line up! The Tour starts on the 30th of July in Sydney .. and them heads over to Melbourne on the 31st. Definitely follow this young trendsetting dj on twitter: @djtrey_ash




Dj Nabs takes Smokin Shells to the Lab

For anyone who knows Atlanta history, one of the djs that helped build the music scene here is the one and only Dj Nabs. Now Nabs teams up with Smokin Shells so he can wreck the turntables for another 25 years.  Check out Nabs’ next project that we at Smokin Shells are very excited about: Video . Follow our homie on Twitter

Dj Jazzy Jeff and his Shells

Rasta Root hooked up Dj Jazzy Jazz with a pair of Smokin Shells at the rehearsal for the Grammy Word Preservation event in LA this past week. If you don’t know who Jazzy Jeff is…please close this window and don’t ever come back to our site! Seriously though, follow Jeff at @djjazzyjeff215

Dj Jazzy Jeff