La’s Dj Imi reps Smokin Shells

Dj Imi is one of the last purists to still rock all vinyl sets. Whether it’s classic 45s or rare pressings, she either has them or know’s where to get them. A vinyl veteran who has worked at places like FatBeats La, Stacks Vinyl Authority and Amoeba Records etc.

Dj Rasta Root was sent to La to convince her to dabble in Serato Scratchlive. We’ll see how that goes!! In the mean time, Imi has the honor of being the first female with Smokin Shells on her decks.  Make sure to follow her on twitter @AIMEEJOSELLIA

Dj HouseShoes Gets New Shoes For His Turntables

Our good friend Dj Houseshoes recently sent us a pic of his newly installed Smokin Shells.  Shoes is the first dj in LA to have these gems. Follow him on twitter @houseshoes . Thanks for the support homie!!

Dj HouseShoes

Chi-town’s Dj Boi Jeanius Outfitted with Smokin Shells

Dj Boi Jeanius was voted 2010 Best Midwest DJ. He’s been doin’ his this for a minute and was one of the first to show interest in Smokin Shells. He finally got a pair and was so gracious as to send us some pics of his install. Seems like using natural light is the best way to capture the natural shine of Smokin Shells. Check out his blog post on Smokin Shells: www.boyjeaniusonline.com . Follow him on twitter at @boijeanius

Dj Kid Capri links up in LA with Rasta Root for his Smokin Shells

Rasta Root was in La recented doing a Grammy event with Phife when he bumped into none other than KIIIIIIIIDDDD CAAAAAPPPRIII. He gave him a pair of Smokin Shells and said, “Get the F*ck outta here!!”. He really loved them! Kid Capri is definitely a legend in the game..and we at Smokin Shells are honored to support him! Follow him on twitter at @kidcapri101

Dj Dummy Makes It Official with Smokin Shells

If you know anything about djs..you know that Dj Dummy (Common’s Official tour dj) is nice on the ones and twos.  Our own Rasta Root made sure that Dummy got a pair of Smokin Shells when he performed at the One Music Fest this past year in Atl. You can catch Dummy on tour now with J. Cole..and of course when you see Common, You’re sure to see Dummy and his Smokin Shells. Follow him on twitter @imdjdummy and definitely catch his dope Ustream, The Breakfast Club

Dj Dummy Rockin' Shells in metallic packaging

Steve DeNiro Does Full Photo Shoot With His Smokin Shells

Steve Deniro, an Atlanta club staple, took the time to shoot his Shells at his studio. Steve is a forward thinking dj who is always on the cutting edge of what’s cool. I guess Smokin Shells are officially ‘cool’..cool! Steve has his Shells mounted with Stanton 400EVs. Steve, ever the renegade, flipped the screws upside down so they pop out the tiop. Thanks Steve! Check out his dope site:  www.freshlyserious.com

Bryan Michael Cox Falls Through Face/Off To Pick up His Smokin Shells from Dj Rasta Root

Grammy award winning producer Bryan Michael Cox ‘B Cox’ stopped by MJQ this past friday to link up with his friend and our founder, Dj Rasta Root, to pick up his pair of Smokin Shells.  He has been shining for years in the production world, now he will be shining with his Smokin Shells at his dj gigs all over the world. Make sure to follow him on Twitter at @bryan_m_cox

“Sittin’ On Chrome Now! Word To Masta Ace” – Dj Enok

Enok sent us this pic from his set-up at a gig. Definitely shinin’!! Follow him on twitter at @mr_enok

The Mighty Smokin Shells Land On The Mighty Dr’s Turntables

We’re pleased to hear that Charlotte’s  own The Mighty Dr is rockin’ Smokin Shells on his black MK2s.  Follow him on twitter!

J-Live Debuts Prototype Stanton Smokin Shells in his Video!

Our peoples J-Live honored us by having some very special Smokin Shells be featured in his first video ever ‘The Way That I Rhyme’ ft. Boog Brown. Our own Dj Rasta Root gets a cameo in the video too! Check it out here and follow J on Twitter