Lasering Engraving Questions Answered


Due to the high demand of the custom branded Smokin Shell SS-01 we have been working hard to update our site to fulfill orders. In the meantime we are still able to laser engrave. We are that you patient with us as we adapt. We are excited about the interest in our product.

First, We will need to see your logo in preferably a .jpg format to make sure that the aspects and the logo itself will engrave correctly.

Once that is determined, and you decide to proceed, then we will invoice Paypal invoice you as follows:

29.99 per shell
20.00 engraving per shell
Shipping/Handling (varies depending on destination)

Shipping comes with tracking for all domestic (USA) orders. Typically, international orders don’t come with tracking unless you ship Express. (Please specify if you need International Express).

You also have the option to upgrade the leads to gold plated high end ones for $20 per two shells.

The turn around is usually a couple days to get them done then we ship them out.

When you pay the invoice, do to friends or family so neither of us incur any unnecessary fees.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any other questions. We look forward to getting you a pair of custom engraved Smokin Shells.


Sale Manager
Smokin Shells

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