Q. How do Smokin Shells differ from other standard head shells?

A. Smokin Shells have a high mirror finish that is designed to reflect any light that hits it. They take on the color of what ever light hits them. Besides that, most djs have complained about the weight of style head shells so Smokin Shells devised a way to add weight with out affecting performance. From a quality and aesthetic point of view, there is no other head shell that meets or surpasses its standards.

Q. Besides your website, where else can I buy Smokin Shells?

A. Currently, we are only selling Smokin Shells on this website. We did this to be able to identify who is buying them and to be able to promote those djs and their gigs. This will change in the future.

Q. What material are Smokin Shells made of?

A. Smokin Shells are made out of durable high-grade aluminum.

Q. How durable is the mirror finish?

A. The finish will last you a long time. Like any metal, with the proper care they will shine for years to come. Please use the cloth that we provide with your Shells. Do not use any other clothes or cleaners as they may scratch the surface.

Q. Do you sell Smokin Shells wholesale?

A. Yes, we do. Please email info@smokinshells.com with inquiries.

Q. Do you accept international orders?

A. Yes, we do. You can shop in the store as normal. As long as you have Paypal or a credit card, you can complete your purchases.

Q. Do Smokin Shells weigh extra because they’re chrome?

A. Smokin Shells are not chrome, they are aluminum. They weigh 9.6 grams each by design.  They will not damage your control vinyl or vinyl.

Q. Do Smokin Shells come with the cartridge and stylus?

A. No, they do not. You can add whichever cartridge you are comfortable with.

Q. Are there any special care instructions for Smokin Shells?

A. Just make sure to wipe them with the cloth when you see them getting dirty. That’s it!!