Dj Truemaster Rockin’ With Smokin Shells Now

J-Live’s dj, Truemaster just bought his pair of Smokin Shells. Check him out and follow him on twitter @DJTrumastr .

Dj Mick is the First to Rep Smokin Shells in Shanghai, China

Our Pinoy brother Dj Mick is currently residing in Shanghai, China playing in clubs across the city. He is the official first dj to rock Smokin Shells on his turntables. Make sure to check him on Facebook. Thanks Mick!!

Dj Jaycee Rockin’ a Fresh pair of Smokin Shells on the 45s

Our local dj hero , Dj Jaycee rocks an official 45 set with his pair of Smokin Shells. You can catch him on V103 in Atlanta and on tour with Ludacris! Thanks for the support bro! Follow him on twitter too!

Dj Jonesy Tests Out Smokin Shells on Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship

Kid Jonesy just came of a on month dj tour with our own Dj Rasta Root on Norwegian Epic cruise ship. They travelled all over the caribbean. He used his Smokin Shells for over 30 gigs and says they held up nicely. Please check out Jonesys’ podcast on Itunes  and follow him on twitter at @thekidjonesy

Dj Neil Armstrong rocks Smokin Shells now!

Thanks to @djneilarmstrong for the mini photoshoot of his @smokinshells and also the great plug on his blog. Check it out HERE. You can check Neil out tonight in Atlanta at Lucky Lounge tonight for the Purple & Gold Affair!

Dwele is Using Smokin Shells in his Dj Sets!

We just saw that @therealdwele gave us our first product cameo in his new video for his single ‘What’s Not To Love’.. if you blink you will miss it, but with modern technology we got a screen shot. Thanks for the support Dwele G, people go out and support WWW which drops 6-29-10. Good music just got better!! If you haven’t seen the video, here is the link