SS-01 Turntable Headshell

SS-01 Turntable Headshell

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The SS-01 is a high mirror polished dj turntable head shell, developed by Dj Rasta Root for Smokin’ Shells. It fits any standard needle cartridge as well as fits on all standard dj turntables. The head shell weighs 9.6 grams with the four (4) connector leads attached. Each Smokin' Shell comes with one (1) microfiber cleaning cloth. Each Shell will be packaged in an anti-static silver zip lock bag with a Smokin' Shells chrome finish sticker attached to it.

**Price reflected is per headshell**



  • High mirror polished head shell
  • Weighs 9.6 grams
  • Top screw hole for 2g or 4g weight
  • Includes microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Stainless steel contacts